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Privacy Policy


Respect for the rights and freedoms of individuals and the protection of their personal data lies at the heart of the concerns of the HAMELIN (HOLDHAM) Group and its different subsidiaries (“HAMELIN”).

In the interests of transparency, HAMELIN has drawn up this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) for the users (“You”) of the career website (“Website”). 

The Privacy Policy seeks to:

  1. Outline HAMELIN’s undertakings regarding the protection of your data,
  2. Inform you of your rights and
  3. Provide details of the processing performed on your data

Concise Dictionary:

  • Personal Data: information that directly or indirectly identifies a person, such as a name, a postal or email address, a photograph, a telephone number, a bank account number or any other data permitting the identification of a natural person;
  • Data Controller: person or organization that determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data;
  • Processing: any operation, or series of operations, applied to personal data or sets of data, such as collection, conservation, use, structuring, etc.

I. HAMELIN’s Undertakings 

HAMELIN has entered into partnership with RECRUITEE B.V., a third-party company, in order to enhance the management of its recruitment process. The posting of job offers, the processing of applications and all the operations carried out during the recruitment process are now performed by the authorised HAMELIN teams via the RECRUITEE platform.

  • What are HAMELIN’s undertakings with regard to data processing?

HAMELIN undertakes to process your data lawfully, fairly and transparently and to update them as regularly as possible.

To ensure that it abides by its different data protection obligations, HAMELIN has appointed a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”). The latter may be contacted at the following address:

  • What are HAMELIN’s undertakings with regard to the conservation of your data? 

HAMELIN undertakes to retain your data solely for the time necessary to achieve the purposes of their processing. Within the framework of a reply to a job offer or an unsolicited application, Hamelin undertakes to destroy all the personal data collected after 365 days. In the event that HAMELIN wishes to retain your personal data for purposes related to recruitment, you will be sent a request for the renewal of your consent by email.

  • What are HAMELIN’s undertakings with regard to the security of your data?

HAMELIN informs you that physical, electronic and administrative security measures have been put in place, including the use of extended firewalls and passwords to secure access to your personal data.

  • What are HAMELIN’s undertakings with regard to the transfer of your data? 

As some of HAMELIN’s service providers and subsidiaries are located outside the European Union, your data may be assigned to non-EU third countries. HAMELIN ensures that the appropriate guarantees stipulated by European regulations are implemented.

Thus, HAMELIN oversees any transfers made to its subsidiaries located outside the European Union by means of the Standard Contractual Clauses mechanism of the European Commission.

With regard to transfers made to its service providers and by its service providers, HAMELIN ensures that they fall within the framework of the appropriate guarantees, including the Binding Corporate Rules, the Privacy Shield Pertification and the Standard Contractual Clauses of the European Commission.

II. Your Rights 

  • What are your rights? 

In accordance with the current legislation, you have the following rights:

- The right to ask the data controller for access to your personal data;- The right to request the rectification or suppression of the latter;

  • How to exercise your rights

You can exercise the rights listed above in two ways:

- To request the rectification or erasure of your personal data, click on the links provided for this purpose at the bottom of the automatic email confirming receipt of an application for a job offer. A confirmation email will be sent following the rectification or erasure of your profile.

- Should you have any other requests concerning your personal data, please contact us at the following address:

III. The Processing of your Data

  • Who is responsible for processing your data?

The data controller is HOLDHAM, whose head office is located at 1, Rue du Campus, 14200 HEROUVILLE SAINT CLAIR (“we”).

The processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest in providing you with the best possible services and obtaining statistics on visits to our Website.

  • What data do we read and collect? 

We read your browser’s language and IP address to improve your experience on the website and enable the website to work.

We collect your IP address and your browsing data to obtain technical and audience-related statistics and to combat spam.

In order to evaluate and manage your application, we collect:

- Your first and last name - Your email address - Your phone number - Your photo - Your CV and cover letter - Any information or document you have sent us by email following your application - Your LinkedIn profile (if used to apply for a job offer) - Your Indeed profile (if used to apply for a job offer) - All the correspondence that has taken place by email - The notes and assessments written by Hamelin’s authorised teams - Your replies to any questionnaires - The history of the operations carried out on your candidate details

  • Who are your data assigned to?

Your data are assigned to members of our staff authorized to process them by virtue of their duties, as well as to our service providers who require access to them in order to operate or improve the Website services.

We ensure that the latter provide the guarantees necessary for the protection of your data.

Your personal data are processed by LinkedIn and Indeed (in order to enable the “Apply via LinkedIn” and “Apply via Indeed” features) and by Recruitee. LinkedIn, Indeed and Recruitee may use cookies. You can find their privacy policies on their respective websites:

We do not use your data for any other purpose and we do not resell or hire out any data to external entities.


The website (“the Website”) uses different cookies. In order to inform you of the use of these cookies and how to disable them, HAMELIN has drawn up this Cookies Policy.

HAMELIN has entered into partnership with RECRUITEE B.V., a third-party company, in order to enhance the management of its recruitment process. The posting of job offers, the processing of applications and all the operations carried out during the recruitment process are now performed by the authorised HAMELIN teams via the RECRUITEE platform.

  • What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small files placed or read on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), e.g. when you visit a website or install a mobile application.

The registration of these cookies on your device and their reading are subject to your prior consent, with some exceptions (functional technical cookies without which the website would not work). When you visit the Website for the first time, an information banner is displayed on the page you are visiting to inform you (i) of the existence of cookies and their purposes and (ii) that, by continuing your browsing, you accept the placement of cookies on your device by us and by third parties. This banner also gives you direct access to this cookie information notice.

In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, cookies have a useful lifespan limited to 13 months.

  •  What are the categories of cookies placed on the Website? 

Different cookies are used on the website; they can be divided into the categories listed below:

- Functional technical cookies: these cookies are required for the proper functioning and use of the Website. They are used to provide you with an optimal browsing experience, ensuring fluidity in the display of your web pages and saving your identifiers and language preferences.

- Performance cookies: these cookies enable us to establish statistics relating to the frequency of use of the Website, determining, for example, the number of visits to the Website and the most and least visited pages, evaluating users’ browsing on the Website and identifying any potential malfunctions. Thus they enable us to constantly improve the Website.

These different categories of cookies may be issued by third-party companies (third-party cookies).  For additional information on how they issue and use these third-party cookies, we refer you to their privacy policies (see below).

  • How to Manage Cookies 

There are several options allowing you to accept or decline the installation of cookies on your device. However, it is important for you to know that if you block certain types of cookies, your browsing experience on the Website may be adversely affected. For example, if you block functional technical cookies, you may no longer have access to certain parts of the Website or certain services.

HAMELIN, in accordance with its undertakings with regard to personal data protection, informs you of the option of configuring the cookies in accordance with their categories.

Non-parameterisable performance cookies:

  • Google Analytics

  • YouTube (and other video services)

Non-parameterisable functional technical cookies:

  • LinkedIn

  • Indeed

  • Recruitee

  • Cookie Management via your Internet Browser

The settings of your browser allow you, simply and free of charge, to choose whether to accept the registration of cookies on your device at any time:

We hope we have provided you with all the information you require to understand what cookies are.